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Vliegveld Twenthe

Vliegveldweg 345

7524PT Enschede


April 30 + May 1


Central  location

Perfectly accessible from all European regions At the intersection where Amsterdam, Hamburg, Munich and London meet and face the Ruhr area.


Exactly there you will find International Event Airport Twenthe Airport.

Platte grond met tekst.jpg


Almost a kilometer of road surface with a control tower along it, various other breathtaking, historic buildings: that is "De Strip".

Citro-Classica will use "De Strip" and the existing buildings.

At the end of "De Strip" and directly on the taxiway you will find Hangar 16, this location will be used on Saturday evening for the party evening with live music.

There are of course presentations with various catering establishments.

The spacious parking spaces (for both visitors or dealers) are free.

The site has a large layout, toilets and showers are available within walking distance.

The former barracks and a roof terrace are also part of the program.

Your dog is also welcome.


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