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Part  Sales

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A wide range and diversity, focused on your Citroën.

Car  Sales

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Sell your Citroën during Citro-Classica, a place on "De Strip" for 85 Euro (incl. VAT) during two days (4+5 May 2024).
Interested..... fill in the form below, or order a ticket for your car sale on our ticket site. 

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Attention for the Citroën

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We would like to see special and separate Citroëns at Citro-Classica. Do you have such a car, sign up for a place on "De Strip".

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flea  market

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Stuff from earlier times, various stalls in a French style. You can rent a booth yourself: Check out our ticket site.

street theatre

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Entertainment at its best, theater is made in various places.

Anker eten en drinken Programma

food  and  drink

Food and drinks are available in abundance during the event days, the restaurant and food trucks are at your disposal.

You can get breakfast and/or a meal at one of the many food trucks, where you will find plenty of choice and a wide variety.

activities for children

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There are also plenty of activities at Citro-Classica for the smaller Citroën enthusiast. The "BTO": Buiten Twentse Opvang is one every year big success.

Music and party evening


On Friday, May 3, 2024 and Saturday, May 4, 2024 there will be a Citro-Classica party night until midnight. A French experience supported by music and good food.

The party night is freely accessible, you only pay for food and drinks.

The live music brings you completely into "Citro-Classica" atmospheres during our event. Put May 3+4, 2024 in your calendar, so you won't be able to forget this party night. 

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